Check out the Heaviest Limo in the World

Check out the Heaviest Limo in the World

This limo, while it’s not technically the largest in the world, weighs in at the heaviest at over 50,500 pounds. At about 70 feet long, and about 13 and a half feet high it’s also almost the largest limo in the world – a little bigger than those tiny houses that are trending right now in the housing market!

Can you imagine wowing your guests when this bad boy pulls up to the church? Although, we’d have to make sure the church’s road can accommodate its massive 48-foot turning radius.

This limo, known as “Midnight Rider,” boasts a separate bar and three lounge areas (each with their own bars), and has enough room for 40 guests to hang out, including its staff of four people, and not including the highly trained driver. It’s decorated to fit the theme of the railroad Pullman cars of the mid 1800s, which means there’s lots of polished brass and mirrored wood.

The Guinness Book of World Records has affirmed that Midnight Rider is, in fact, the heaviest limo out there, though it’s technically a “tractor-trailer limousine.” Not a very sexy name, but we’ll take it.

Can you picture the dance parties? We’re talking about over 400 square feet of party space; not too shabby. You too could party in the Midnight Rider for just $1000 per hour. Ouch.

Here at 3 Kings, we tend to focus on style over size, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still get a kick out of seeing these over the top limo designs. Check out this video from the Guinness Book to learn more about this mammoth limo.

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