About 3 Kings Limousine Company

3 Kings Limousine was inspired by the vivid dreams of the owners, who shared their visions with one another to develop this unique and forward-thinking limousine company. With innovative vision, 3 Kings was put together to allow the North-Eastern Ohio and Pennsylvania regions to enjoy the highest quality of service, and the luxury of exotic cars most people only dream of owning.

3 Kings Limo Service formed in March 2010, with the sole purpose of becoming the premier transportation company in its region. Since its creation, the company has established itself as a leader in the industry by providing its customers world-class service and the latest technologies such as GPS, power plugs for laptops and cell phones, and touch screen TVs. Because of 3 Kings Limousine’s ability to utilize innovative products, it has quickly become the most talked about event and wedding limousine service in the Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania regions.

The magnitude of the personalities, and the skill-set-combinations of the management team that have helped to set this company apart. Our management team come from diverse educational backgrounds, brings many different qualities to the table. By harnessing the various attributes possessed in each individual, 3 Kings has expanded its network and has become a leader in the Cuyahoga County region.

This network includes:

• Members of various chambers of commerce
• Fortune 500 companies
• The Cleveland Horse Shoe Casino
• Congress members
• Local stores, clubs, restaurants, and more.

In the Pennsylvania region, 3 Kings is the premier transporter for airport pick-ups and drop-offs as well. 3 Kings is also an affiliate with Presque Isle and The River’s Casino in Pittsburgh, PA. 3 Kings Limousine has a strong presence in the Northeastern region of Ohio and Western PA.

The staff members at 3 Kings are very professional and live by their motto of “We Treat You like Royalty”. They are always anticipating the needs of clients and finding resourceful ways to fulfill them. 3 Kings Limousine is truly proud to be a part of this industry.

Celebrity Clients